HEY! Where the HEMA Women At?: A Graphical Analysis of Women’s Tournaments and Participation

Ever wonder about the prevalence of women competitors and tournaments tailored for them at events? Well, we’re going to take a little dive into the fHEMAle world now.

The data we’ll be looking at was provided by HEMA Ratings. The data has information on various events from 2012 through 2021 with data points for the number of competitors in mixed longsword tournaments, the number of competitors in women’s longsword tournaments, and the number of competitors that overlap between the two. Along the way, I will demonstrate how you always have to question your data and mess with it a little bit to tell a more accurate story, because statistics lie.

A couple things to keep in mind about this data:

  • For this article, we are concerned with only mixed longsword and women’s longsword events. There are some events which don’t offer mixed or women’s longsword tournaments. They do exist! We’ve eliminated these 77 events from the data before putting it into the graphs so they don’t do wonky things to various calculations.
  • HEMA Ratings does not contain information for every single HEMA event. This is especially true for events occurring prior to 2016. Keep this in the back of your mind while you are reading through.
  • The data is presented at the event-level. This means that we do not have insight into the individual competitors. There is no way to know if a competitor competed at just one event or ten. Realistically, who has the vacation time for ten events in any given year? Maybe the Europeans. The point is, the various counts you’ll see in the graphs below are the sum of competitors at the events rather than the count of distinct competitors.
  • There is no way to definitively identify a competitor as male or female. I mean, I’ve never had to identify my gender on an event registration form, have you? Therefore, we must use the count of competitors in women’s tournaments as a proxy for the number of women at an event. Additionally, we identify women who compete in mixed longsword tournaments by comparing the names of the mixed longsword participants to those in the women’s tournaments. This means that we could be missing the ladies who only take pleasure in beating up men and participate solely in mixed tournaments. This becomes quite problematic when looking at events that don’t offer women’s longsword tournaments, therefore a lot of these graphs limit their analysis to just those events which offer women’s tournaments in addition to mixed tournaments.
  • COVID messed with things. Expect to see data that doesn’t follow volume trends in 2020 and 2021.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… time for some graphs!

A Look At Event Count

The first interesting statistic to look at is exactly how often women’s tournaments are offered at events.

Chart, line chart

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In this graph, the total bar represents the number of events with mixed longsword tournaments, with orange being the share that also offers a women’s tournament. The red line shows the percentage of times women’s tournaments are offered.

What this graph tells us is that the number of events in general has grown dramatically, from just three in 2012 to 144 in 2019 (as mentioned, we see wonky things happening in the most recent years because of COVID). Not only does the overall number of tournaments increase over time, but also the raw number of women’s events. In fact, women’s events are growing at a faster pace than mixed events, as indicated by the red line. One supposition is that existing events that previously offered only mixed longsword are adding women’s longsword to their roster of tournaments in addition to new events having women’s longsword at inception.

An Understanding of Event Participation

While we can consider just the increase of offerings of women’s tournaments at events, it would also be prudent to look at participation in these events. Some of these graphs won’t focus specifically on women’s tournaments or participation, but it helps to tell the story.

To begin, we will look at the number of competitors in mixed tournaments.


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This histogram shows us how many mixed tournaments on the y-axis contain the number of participants along the x-axis. The blue bars are in increments of 10 participants, so the first bar represents the number of tournaments having 1-9 competitors, the second bar being the number of tournaments having 10-19 competitors, and so on. 

As we can see from this graph, the number of small tournaments has increased greatly over time, whereas larger tournaments have increased at a more moderate rate.

We can see similar trends when looking at women’s tournaments, with small tournaments increasing more rapidly than larger tournaments.


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The bars in this graph are in increments of 5 participants rather than 10.

So what about the total number of participants for events? Isn’t that a great stat to look at? Well, not really, but we’ll look at it anyway.

Chart, bar chart

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What we see with this graph is that the number of competitors at events has skyrocketed over the years, with almost an exponential trend. It also seems to suggest that there are an almost comparable number of competitors at events which only offer mixed tournaments to those of events which offer both mixed and women’s tournaments.

So why do I say that this isn’t really a good metric to look at? This graph will explain it a bit more.

Chart, bar chart

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This visualization shows us that the average number of participants at events which only have mixed events is smaller than the average number of participants at events which offer both mixed and women’s tournaments. Remember the earlier histogram that showed that smaller events are increasing at a faster rate than larger events? The volume of small events is what drives up the raw number of participants rather than it being the classification of events with mixed only versus mixed and women’s events.

An interesting thing to note about participation in general is that the average number of participants at events seems to be on the decline. It is quite apparent for events that offer both mixed and women’s tournaments, which also drives down the size of events overall. Though this may seem counterintuitive to the previous graph which shows large increases in participation, remember that we cannot determine the number of unique participants in a given year. The average number of participants removes the chance for duplicate individuals because you can only register once for an event.

Let’s take a closer look at the idea that larger tournaments offer women’s tournaments:

Chart, bar chart

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This histogram shows the percentage of times a women’s tournament is offered compared to how large the mixed tournament is. The bars are in size increments of 10.

As we can see from this histogram, smaller events tend not to offer women’s tournaments as often as their larger counterparts. We can also see that those percentages do not shift much over time.

Women’s Tournaments Participation

So what about the actual participation of women in tournaments? We have ladies who participate in both mixed tournaments and women’s tournaments, and then we have those who only compete in women’s tournaments. We will dive into the former cohort first. Keep in mind that for this section we have eliminated any tournaments which do not offer women’s events from the analysis.

We’ll start by looking at another bad representation of data. Keep in mind what was said at the beginning of this article: these analyses underestimate the actual amount of women competing because we do not have insight into which participants who only participate in the mixed tournaments are actually women.

Chart, line chart

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Again, this one is not quite telling the right story because we are looking at the count of participants. Similar to the earlier graph of total event participants, we have the problem of event count driving up the number of participants because a person can compete at multiple events. However, we do see a somewhat interesting piece of information that shows that the percentage of competitors in both the mixed & women’s tournaments is overall increasing.

We should probably look at another graph.

Chart, bar chart

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Once again, the average number of participants paints a much clearer picture. We see that the average number of people who only compete in mixed tournaments has decreased over time, which jives with our other look at event participation that showed a decrease. We do, however, see that the average number of women who compete in both mixed and women’s tournaments has remained relatively stable at approximately 1 to 3 competitors per mixed tournament year over year. Because the average number of mixed-only participants is going down while the average mixed-and-women’s participants remains stagnant, it artificially inflates the percentage of women participating in both events.

Now, what about statistics for women’s tournaments in particular? Let’s take a look.

Chart, histogram

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This time I’m not even going to take you down the rabbit hole of showing you a misleading graph before telling you the better way to interpret the data. Instead, I’ve slapped the average line right on this graph. As with mixed tournaments and overall event participation, we see the same almost-exponential trend of increasing participants, but when looking at the average number of participants, we see a decreasing trend.

Now let’s dive into women’s tournament participation versus mixed tournament participation.

We see here that the mixed tournament participation growth (teal) looks huge in comparison to the women’s tournament participation growth (orange). However, is it fair to say that mixed participation is outpacing women’s participation? We have a graph for that!

This graph shows us the percent increase of tournament participants year over year. Keeping with the same color schema as above, we see that there are some years where women’s tournament participation growth exceeds that of mixed tournament participation growth. Depending on your year range for calculating the percent increase, you could certainly make your case for either group to be growing faster. If we look at the percent increase between 2012 and 2019, we have a 3761% increase for mixed tournaments participation and a 3375% increase for women’s tournaments participation, so somewhat similar growth.

Another interesting thing to look at is how many women participate exclusively in women’s tournaments.

Chart, bar chart

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The total bar represents the average number of participants in a women’s tournament, teal represents the women who participate in both mixed and women’s, and orange is the women who participate in just women’s tournaments. From this visualization, we can see the steady decline in the average number of participants by year as we discussed in the graph above. However, in this graph, we see that the percentage of women who participate exclusively in women’s tournaments is declining. Does this mean that more women are becoming comfortable participating in mixed tournaments? The blue line would indicate that, right?

How about we look at the graph like this instead.

Chart, bar chart

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Here we’ve flipped which color is on the bottom to be able to compare the values a bit better. While it was hard to see when teal was on top, we can now better see that the number of women who participate in mixed tournaments doesn’t actually shift a whole lot, going between 1-3 women (which is the same statistic we saw in the prior discussion about average number of women in mixed tournaments, if you recall). The decreasing number of women in women’s tournaments is what is driving the percent exclusivity down, not that more women are participating in mixed tournaments.

Are Some Countries Better for Women than Others?

The last thing we’re going to dig into is a country-level view of women’s tournaments. We will look at data from 2019 only because it has the largest number of tournaments offered, thus providing enough data points to maybe be considered a valid analysis (but that’s a loose maybe).

One basic metric is how many times women’s tournaments are offered in each country.

Chart, scatter chart

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The orange bar shows the number of women’s tournaments offered at events during the year, and the blue dots tell us what percentage of the time women’s tournaments were offered at events. One thing to point out is that most of the 0% countries only had 1-3 events in total, with Spain having offered 6 events. The US and Italy have the most tournaments for women in terms of volume, but the US performs poorly in the actual percentage of events offering women’s tournaments.

Now let’s look at women’s participation by country. The first thing I want to show is the number of participants in women’s tournaments by country to illustrate another point about graphs concealing the truth.

Again, we don’t know how many of these participants are unique, but that isn’t the only problem here. Let’s take a look at the US, which has the highest number of event participants, and Italy, the second highest by about half. What we do not consider in this graph is that the US has just over twice the population of Italy, so of course they’re going to naturally have a larger amount of raw individuals interested in HEMA. If we wanted to be rigorous, we could look at this in some type of per capita view, but I’m lazy, so we’re not going to… we’re just going to caveat that we are looking at raw counts of individuals.

Let’s take another look at participation.

Here we see the average number of women participating in women’s tournaments by country in orange, the percentage of the overall event population represented by women as a blue dot, and the percentage of overall event population when excluding events not having a women’s tournament as the red dot. If no red dot is showing, that means all events at a given country had a women’s tournament, and therefore the red and blue dots are equal. 

Based on the percentage of events and the number of participants at events, we can also look at the amount of opportunity for each country. In a previous  section, we saw a discrepancy in the amount of event participants between events that do and do not offer women’s events; what we will try to figure out is how many additional participants could be gathered at an event if all events offered women’s tournaments.

The first thing to point out is the large number of countries that have zero opportunity; this is because some of those countries already had a 100% rate of offering women’s tournaments while the others did not have a single women’s tournament to establish what the increase is when offering women’s tournaments. The opportunity for more participants is the highest, by far, in the US, which has an estimated increase of over 150 participants if all events offered women’s tournaments.

And What About Mixed Tournaments By Country?

We can also look at the average number of women participating in both women’s and mixed tournaments.

If we want to take a step back and compare participation in the US in comparison to all other countries, we see the following.

What this graph shows is that the US has a much higher percentage of women who compete in mixed tournaments than all other countries. 

To Wrap It Up

Now that you have graph fatigue, you may have forgotten some of the key points from this article. I’ll sum it up for you:

  • More women’s tournaments are being offered at events. The same is true for mixed tournaments. The exciting thing for the female HEMA community is that women’s tournaments are growing at a faster rate than mixed tournaments!
  • The new tournaments that are being offered tend to have fewer participants. This means that the average number of participants at tournaments has gone down. This is true for both women’s and mixed tournaments.
  • Even though the average number of participants at events has gone down, the amount of total participation has gone up! The overall percent increase of women’s tournament participation is about the same as mixed tournament participation. Keep in mind that it’s very difficult to tell if this means that the number of individual HEMA competitors is up or if it just means that the same competitors are showing up to every tournament. Spoiler: there may be a future article on this.
  • Women’s participation in mixed tournaments has remained the same over the years, with about 1-3 participants on average per mixed tournament. However, it is important to remember that this is underestimated because of the way data is collected.
  • The US offers the highest number of women’s tournaments out of all countries looked at. However, the US also has one of the lowest percentages of women’s tournaments offered at events, with only about one of every four events offering a women’s tournament. There’s huge room for improvement on this!
  • In the US, women make up about 15% of an event’s participants if a women’s tournament is offered. If all events offered women’s tournaments in 2019, there would have been about 155 more participants across these events. To all the event organizers out there– this seems like low-hanging fruit to get some easy registration $$$.

  • Lastly, data and graphs can be misleading; sometimes it’s done on purpose, but I’d like to think it usually happens because the person throwing together the charts and statistics doesn’t have an analytical background or maybe doesn’t have the subject background to ask the right questions of the data (full disclaimer– I’m not perfect either, and I’ve been doing this for over ten years). Always think about what is being shown to you, whether it can have more than one interpretation, or if more information is needed to draw a solid conclusion.

All The Data

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1º Torneio Sul-brasileiro de Artes Marciais Históricas Europeias2018-04-08BR1200
Swordtrip – the Gathering 20182018-04-13DE44123
Bratislavský Fecht 42018-04-14SK62171
Torneo Abierto 20182018-04-14CL1000
Broken Point 20182018-04-21US5200
Study in Steel 20182018-04-27US5265
Scherma Medievale nella Città Ideale 20182018-04-28IT71164
Blademasters Cup 20182018-04-28IE1800
Frühlingsfechten 20182018-04-28DE2700
Icebreaker Open 20182018-04-28US6300
Big Moscow Tournament2018-04-29RU4052
Fior di Szatmár 20182018-05-03RO2000
Capoferro Open 20182018-05-06AU000
Torneo Pontevedra2018-05-12ES2000
Athens HEMA Open 20182018-05-13GR1500
Montréal Sword Meisters 20182018-05-18CA3000
Victoria Highland Games Open 20182018-05-19CA48127
Level One Dueling Sabre and Longsword 20182018-05-19RU3080
The May Melee 20182018-05-25UK2500
ÖFHF Austrian Championships 20182018-05-26AT32105
Trofeo ARA 20182018-05-26IT3172
Anvil 20182018-05-26CA2200
Žilinský Kumšt I.2018-06-02SK42143
Oslo Penguin Cup 20182018-06-02NO4382
OPEN AMHE Toulouse 42018-06-02FR5700
Sidesword Open 20182018-06-03AU000
Dutch Lions Cub #1 20182018-06-03NL2000
HEMAC Hemathlon 20182018-06-08GR4070
Baton Rouge Open 20182018-06-09US521311
MUTINÆNIS – Torneo Nazionale delle Discipline HEMA 2018-06-09IT2400
Arizona HEMA League 2018 Event 22018-06-10US1900
World Broadsword Championship 20182018-06-11AU000
Boar’s Tooth 20182018-06-16US3100
Torneo 100Tolos HEMA2018-06-16ES1600
I Torneo Master “Memorial Achille Marozzo” 20182018-06-17IT000
Villeneuve Hema Tournament 20182018-06-18FR2395
Fecht Yeah 20182018-06-20US0290
Paris HEMA Open 20182018-06-23FR2700
La Curée de Mélusine II2018-06-23FR1600
Black Horns Cup 20182018-06-23PL3400
All’s Faire HEMA Tournament2018-06-23US1300
Wrathpoint 20182018-06-30US3200
Treffen Historischer Fechter Deutschlands 20182018-06-30DE900
II Torneo del Hierro2018-06-30ES1300
Swedish Championships 20182018-07-06SE3260
Albion Cup 20182018-07-07UK36144
Lord Baltimore’s Challenge2018-07-07US000
Festival of the Sword ’182018-07-13AU1641
Clash of the Towers2018-07-14IE1800
QuadroHEMiA 52018-07-22UK700
Sword Fight IV2018-07-28AU3200
Cornhusker State Games 20182018-07-28US3000
Dutch Lions Cub #2 20182018-07-28NL2800
Combat Con 20182018-08-02US99145
Points North 20182018-08-04CA3800
II. Bicornio HEMA Gathering2018-08-10HU2133
Helsinki Bolognese Open 20182018-08-10FI000
FightCamp 20182018-08-15UK5200
Dutch Lions Cup 20182018-08-25NL75170
1st HERA Event2018-08-25AU2900
NeCro 20182018-08-25HR1200
Clash of Claymores2018-09-01US2200
The Horned Crown 20182018-09-01IE2100
Swordplay Australia 20182018-09-06AU4300
Battle of the Bridge 20182018-09-07SE70107
Wessex League 2018: London Chapter2018-09-08UK33103
The Battle of Buffalo 20182018-09-08US1600
Tremonia Fechtschule 20182018-09-09DE1000
Mid Atlantic Rookie Tournament: Fighty McFightface2018-09-15US6000
Nordschlag 20182018-09-15CA2700
Geselle Fechten 20182018-09-15US4400
Edgebana 20182018-09-22UK2300
Duels at High Noon 20182018-09-22US3600
Five Rings Fencing Annual KC Sword Tournament 20182018-09-22US1300
Sword & Buckler Open 20182018-09-23AU000
Iron Gate Exhibition 20182018-09-28US78108
Wessex League 2018: Taunton Chapter2018-09-29UK3585
W3 20182018-09-29PL4850
8. Dresdner Fechtschul2018-09-29DE2000
TaurHEMAchia VI Edition2018-10-05IT4663
Krump Pow 20182018-10-05US7300
2º Torneo Vila de Redondela 20182018-10-06ES2500
Steel City Open 20182018-10-12US6377
Lone Star Open 20182018-10-13US1600
Autumn Ural Cup 20182018-10-13RU000
5. offenes Fechtturnier in Kassel2018-10-17DE3300
Salzburger Landesmeisterschaft 20182018-10-20AT2564
Heffac 20182018-10-20BE3100
Pfälzer Fehde 20182018-10-20DE1500
Prima Spada HEMA Sabre Tournament2018-10-21AU000
Falcons Cup 20182018-10-21PL000
Johann Georg Pascha Turnier 20182018-10-21DE900
Ascent Saber Tournament 20182018-10-24RU000
Tyrnhaw 20182018-10-27SK82173
Wessex League 2018: Cardiff Chapter2018-10-27UK4283
Swiss Gathering 20182018-10-27CH5144
Arizona HEMA League 2018 Event 32018-10-27US1600
Swordfish 20182018-11-02SE62191
Tempest 20182018-11-02IE2000
Primer Torneo de Esgrima Historica de Santurtzi2018-11-04ES1500
Go Fencing Day 20182018-11-04RU000
SERFO 20182018-11-09US7974
Digladior HEMA tournaj 20182018-11-10CZ3300
Long Island Point 20182018-11-16US4800
The Might 20182018-11-17FR4897
LangHEMA 20182018-11-17IT3680
VIII Budapest MHS Kardvívó torna2018-11-17HU2333
The 400 Years Tournament2018-11-17AU1500
Torneo ARA 20182018-11-17IT000
1º Torneio de Esgrima Histórica de Valinhos 20182018-11-17BR700
Galway Longsword Open 20182018-11-17IE1500
Niederösterreichische Landesmeisterschaft NÖLM182018-11-18AT2000
Blue Box Longsword Open 20182018-11-22US2300
Wessex League 2018: Winchester Chapter2018-11-24UK35115
Winter Open Duel Fencing Championship of the Ural Federal District 2018-11-24RU2360
November Fechtschule 20182018-11-25AU1651
IFHEMA Cup 20182018-11-30PT3960
Swordplay Serbia 20182018-11-30RS3500
Tasmanian Swordplay Symposium 20182018-12-01AU1600
Winter Golden Forests Championship 20182018-12-01RU2300
Pardubický meč 20182018-12-01CZ4100
HVN Singlestick Charity Tournament 20182018-12-01NL000
FechtTerra 20182018-12-08RU74160
Polish Championships 20182018-12-08PL4061
Glasgow HEMA Open 20182018-12-08UK2300
Brisia 2018 – Test Gatering for Minsk 20192018-12-15IT1700
EHMS Open Doors Tournament 20182018-12-15FI2000
Mid Continental Hema Open – Beta #12018-12-15US2500
Helsinki Longsword Open 20192019-01-18FI5781
Queen’s Gambit 20192019-01-18US4000
WEIRD Open 20192019-01-25US3500
Hema Ianua 20192019-01-26IT4782
Nederlandse HEMA Kampioenschappen 2019: Evenement 12019-01-26NL4370
Midwinter Armizare Open 20192019-01-26US3500
Capitol Clash: Washington DC HEMA Open 20192019-02-01US57101
Blade Master 20192019-02-01RU3693
Trenčiansky Vorschlag Vol.32019-02-09SK4600
VIII Torneo Cidade de Naron2019-02-09ES3700
SoCal Swordfight 20192019-02-15US108159
Exeter Longsword Competition 20192019-02-16UK2161
Mutinænsis II2019-02-16IT2651
English Sidesword Open 20192019-02-16UK000
Everything Else Event 20192019-02-16US000
Alfieri Open 20192019-02-17AU000
Alfieri Open 20192019-02-17AU000
AIMA ROMA 20192019-03-02IT40150
Dürer Turnier 20192019-03-02DE45106
Durchschlag 20192019-03-02PL3551
Arnold HEMA Classic 20192019-03-03US3500
Sense and Sensibility with Smallswords2019-03-03SE000
Swords & Roses2019-03-08RU1700
Žilinský Kumšt II2019-03-09SK70157
Vasaslaget 20192019-03-09SE3400
Battles In The North 20192019-03-10GR1300
Montpellier HEMA Tournament 102019-03-23FR43104
Prima Spada HEMA Rapier Tournament 20192019-03-24AU000
Longpoint 20192019-03-28US6200
By the Sword 20192019-03-30UK000
Open Golden Forests Tournament Spring 20192019-03-30RU000
Blademasters Cup 20192019-03-30IE2100
Scherma Medievale nella Città Ideale 20192019-04-13IT48162
Swordtrip – The Gathering 20192019-04-13DE40136
Nederlandse HEMA Kampioenschappen 2019: Evenement 22019-04-13NL3250
IX Budapest MHS Kardvívó torna2019-04-13HU3132
Norppa Open 20192019-04-13FI1900
HEMAtom 20192019-04-13HR1500
Hematolia 20192019-04-13TR2500
Showdown in No-Town 20192019-04-13US2700
La Voute de Fer2019-04-14FR3543
Festival of the Sword ’192019-04-19AU3162
Torneio Paranaense de Espada Longa2019-04-20BR900
Icebreaker Open 20192019-04-26US6493
Clash of Claymores 192019-04-26US7000
April Fools 20192019-04-27IT3243
IFG Spring Fling 20192019-04-27US3000
Big Moscow Tournament 20192019-04-27RU000
Frühlingsfechten 20192019-04-28DE2600
Clash of the Towers 20192019-05-04IE1600
III Torneo de Esgrima Historica de Pontevedra2019-05-04ES3000
NHFL Championships 20192019-05-11SE32100
OstFecht 20192019-05-11SK31102
Renaissance Festival of Nebraska Invitational2019-05-11US000
Symphony of Steel 20192019-05-11DE2400
MČR v HEMA Jihlava 20192019-05-11CZ3800
Trofeo CSEN Scherma Storica Memorial Mario Pappagallo2019-05-12IT2070
Victoria Highland Games Open 20192019-05-18CA62137
HEMAICS Dolomiti2019-05-18IT2841
Spring Ural Cup2019-05-18RU000
It’s Just A Flesh Wound 20192019-05-18CA800
HEMA Open Leioa 20192019-05-18ES2300
Montréal Sword Meisters 20192019-05-19CA3900
ÖFHF Austrian Championships 20192019-05-19AT2600
Baton Rouge Open 20192019-05-25US761614
Primavera VII2019-05-25RU000
Autumn Open 20192019-05-26AU1200
Oslo Penguin Cup 20192019-06-01NO4683
Treffen Historischer Fechter Deutschlands 20192019-06-01DE1700
MCHO Beta Tourney 22019-06-01US2000
Springfield Historical Fencing Guild 1st Annual HEMA Tournament2019-06-02US900
Summer Swordfest 20192019-06-02US000
HEMAC Hemathlon 20192019-06-07GR2400
II Torneo 100Tolos HEMA de Coruña2019-06-08ES2700
Anvil 20192019-06-08CA2200
Black Horns Cup 20192019-06-15PL3341
A Midsummer Fight’s Dream 20192019-06-15UK2300
Fecht Yeah 20192019-06-16US0220
European Games Invitational Gala Tournament 20192019-06-22BY5700
Queen’s Court Open 20192019-06-22US1900
Broadwater Bucklerthon 20192019-06-29UK000
Ars Gladii 20th Anniversary Invitational2019-06-29US1600
Eleonora 20192019-07-06RU3191
Nordschlag 20192019-07-06CA1244
Nederlandse HEMA Kampioenschappen 2019: Evenement 32019-07-06NL4240
Great Fight North 20192019-07-06CA2600
Mid-Continental HEMA Open 20192019-07-12US63116
Visegrád HEMA tournament2019-07-13HU1000
Flower of Battle 20192019-07-19US5300
QuadroHEMiA 6: Wolfshead X2019-07-21UK1000
Albion cup 20192019-07-27UK44103
Sword Fight V2019-07-27AU3100
I Torneo Princesa Kristina de Noruega2019-07-27ES1800
Cornhusker State Games – HEMA 20192019-07-27US1300
Fairfax Mini Renaissance Faire 20192019-07-27US1300
CombatCon 20192019-08-01US74105
Glengarry Highland Games 2019 Single-Stick Competition2019-08-02CA000
Points North 20192019-08-03CA3200
Battle Royale 20192019-08-11US2000
Winter Open 20192019-08-11AU000
FightCamp 20192019-08-16UK4800
III Debreceni MHS Torna2019-08-17HU1400
Hojas de Plata 20192019-08-17AR2200
Purpleheart Open 20192019-08-23US4376
Dutch Lions Cup 20192019-08-24NL65160
Broken Point 20192019-08-28US3800
Steel City Open 20192019-08-31US4900
Wessex League 2019: Exeter Chapter2019-09-07UK2763
The Battle of Buffalo 20192019-09-07US2600
Flügelschlag Stuttgart 20192019-09-07DE2300
Military Sabre Tournament 20192019-09-07IE000
Battle of the Bridge 20192019-09-13SE62106
Tremonia Fechtschule 20192019-09-20DE1500
Duels at High Noon 20192019-09-22US5100
Iron Gate Exhibition 20192019-09-27US81157
Five Rings Classical Fencing Open 20192019-09-28US2500
Clash of Steel 20192019-09-28TW3700
9. Dresdner Fechtschul 20192019-09-28DE2400
The Horned Crown 20192019-09-28IE1700
Ufa Duel Fencing Tournament2019-09-28RU000
W3 20192019-09-29PL4260
The Plough Tournament 1st2019-10-02CN4000
Third National Historical Martial Arts Tournament2019-10-02CN5100
Swedish Championships 20192019-10-04SE2090
World Broadsword Championship 20192019-10-05AU2452
Wessex League 2019: London Chapter2019-10-12UK38117
Autumn Ural Cup 20192019-10-12RU000
Oktoberfecht 20192019-10-13AU2400
Swiss Gathering 20192019-10-18CH4644
Tyrnhaw 20192019-10-19SK80220
Geselle Fechten 20192019-10-19US8000
Torneio Nacional de Espada Longa 20192019-10-20BR1100
New Amsterdam HEMA Open 20192019-10-26US5600
6. Herkules HEMA Turnier Kassel2019-10-26DE4100
Salzburger Landesmeisterschaft 20192019-10-26AT2100
Black Sea Cup 20192019-10-27RU2361
KatzenKampf Octoberfecht 20192019-10-29RU1860
Swordfish 20192019-11-01SE63181
The Might 20192019-11-02FR3043
Tempest 20192019-11-03IE000
Johann Georg Pascha Turnier 20192019-11-03DE1500
Wessex League 2019: Oxford Chapter2019-11-09UK4496
Open Golden Forests Tournament Fall 20192019-11-09RU2300
SERFO 20192019-11-10US79127
Sydney Super Series 20192019-11-10AU1700
Nederlandse HEMA Kampioenschappen 2019: Evenement 42019-11-16NL3460
LangHEMA 20192019-11-16IT3660
X. Budapesti MHS Torna2019-11-16HU4144
II Torneio de Esgrima Histórica Thomar2019-11-16PT1200
Blue Box Open 20192019-11-16US3100
Turniej Fechtunku Historycznego HFC2019-11-23PL2594
2020 Capitol Clash HEMA Open Warmup #12019-11-23US000
Ascent Sabre Tournament 20192019-11-23RU000
Open Championship of Ural Federal District 20192019-11-24RU3660
Pardubický meč 2019 HEMA Tournament2019-11-30CZ59104
Tasmanian Swordplay Symposium 20192019-12-01AU900
Baja Regional 20192019-12-01MX1600
A Christmas Competition 20192019-12-01AU1400
Segundo Torneo de Esgrima Historica de Santurtzi2019-12-01ES1600
IV Mistrzostwa Polski2019-12-06PL41111
Swordplay Serbia 20192019-12-06RS3264
Wessex League 2019: Cambridge Chapter2019-12-07UK3272
HVN Singlestick Charity Tournament 20192019-12-07NL000
Glasgow HEMA Open 20192019-12-08UK1300
The Black Carpet 20192019-12-14IT1700
The Call of Zephyr 20192019-12-21CN2000
Plzeň HAU 20192019-12-21CZ1000
Ciudad de los Reyes 2019 2019-12-29PE1100
2020 Capitol Clash HEMA Open Warmup #22020-01-04US1100
VI Tyumen Open Christmas Tournament2020-01-05RU1761
MCHO Beta 3 Longsword2020-01-11US2200
2020 Capitol Clash HEMA Open Warmup #32020-01-11US000
2020 Capitol Clash HEMA Open Warmup #42020-01-12US000
Washington DC HEMA OPEN 20202020-01-19US58105
WEIRD Open 20202020-01-24US5000
Blizzard Brawl 20202020-01-25CA000
Midwinter Armizare Open 20202020-01-25US6300
The Winter’s Flail 20202020-01-25UK2100
Helsinki Longsword Open 20202020-01-31FI50162
Blade Master 20202020-01-31RU2350
XXI Torneo Arti Marziali Storiche Italiane – Qualificazioni Nord2020-02-01IT48110
Summer Sword Clash 2020 2020-02-01AU3243
HEMA Turnaj Digladioru 20202020-02-08CZ4233
3º Torneo Vila de Redondela 20202020-02-08ES4400
SoCal Swordfight 20202020-02-14US133199
Cold Cuts 20202020-02-15SE1400
The English Sidesword Open 20202020-02-15UK000
Siberian Cup 20202020-02-22RU2830
Symphony of Steel 20202020-02-22DE3600
Arnold Fencing Classic 20202020-03-06US5385
Durchschlag 2020 2020-03-07PL34110
Vasaslaget 20202020-03-07SE2473
Dürerturnier 20202020-03-07DE4672
The Ides of March 20202020-03-15AU000
Beware The Ides of March Melee Madness 20202020-03-15AF000
Meyer Open 20202020-07-04CN1000
Cornhusker State Games 2020 2020-07-11US1400
Žilinský Kumšt III2020-07-25SK5090
Tremonia Fechtschule 20202020-09-04DE1700
Montpellier Hema Tournament 112020-09-19FR3000
Swiss Bears Cup 2020 2020-10-03CH4644
Kard Rendje bajnokság 20202020-10-11HU2400
Pardubice Swordplay 20202020-12-05CZ1800
Duel Season: Winter 20212021-01-30UA2400
Capoferro Comp 20212021-02-21AU000
The Ides of March 20212021-03-14AU000
Green Chapel Tourney 20212021-05-01US1500
Unicorn Fight Club 20212021-06-05NZ1800
Black Horns Cup 20212021-06-26PL2800
Donnybrook 20212021-06-26US4100
Cornhusker State Games 20212021-07-10US2240
Visegrádi Viadalok2021-07-10HU2900
Winter Open 20212021-07-11AU2500
Combat Con 20212021-07-22US74116
Žilinský Kumšt IV.2021-07-24SK3470
Bear’s Challenge 20212021-08-07IE2100
Bellum Vitudurum 20212021-08-28CH2862
Tremonia Fechtschule 20212021-09-05DE1800
Battle of Buffalo 20212021-09-11US1700
Austrian Rapier Championships 20212021-09-19AT000
Nederlandse HEMA Kampioenschappen 20212021-09-26NL4491
Pre-SHO 20212021-09-26US1000
Swordplay 20212021-09-26AU2400
Five Rings Classical Fencing Open 20212021-09-28US1100
Swiss Bears Cup 20212021-10-02CH5944
Podzimové mečoklání 20212021-11-20CZ3531
Wessex League 20212021-12-04UK32104
Pardubicky Mec 20212021-12-04CZ5383
Black Steel 20212021-12-04UA1900
Vinterschlag 20212021-12-11PL3350
The Black Carpet2021-12-11IT1600
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Kari is a HEMA student at Mordhau Historical Combat. She began going to HEMA classes after seeing a demonstration at a Comic Con in 2014. After a multi-year hiatus, she returned to HEMA in 2021 and has hit the tournament scene heavily, competing in any and every weapon. Kari has earned degrees in data science, mathematics, and linguistics, with her professional life focusing on healthcare data science and analytics. Kari is also a Eurovision fan, a video game and board game connoisseur, an award-winning trophy guide writer, and loves wearing pretty dresses.